3 Common CBD Myths Debunked

CBD gets you high…

This is a popular question we’ve heard time and time again. Having spent much time in CBD retail stores before transitioning into education one of the first things many people ask when inquiring about CBD has been “Is this going to get me high?” The simple direct answer is, no! The phytocannabinoid cannabidiol or “CBD” is not an intoxicating compound. There are full spectrum products that contain all cannabinoids including THC which is the phytocannabinoid that can be intoxicating but in full spectrum CBD products derived from hemp there is never more than 0.3% THC which is such a minimal amount that the chances of noticeably feeling different are slim to none. So rest easy, cannabidiol or CBD itself will never get you “high”.

CBD will cause you to fail a drug test…

While we totally understand the caution and concern with starting a cannabinoid or CBD regimen especially when your career or otherwise requires drug testing, there may be less to worry about than you thought! A CBD isolate product is safe when it comes to drug tests, in countless studies cannabidiol itself does not cause a failed drug test but there are other spectrums of products to be aware of. Most drug tests are testing for THC, so full spectrum products have a possibility of triggering a positive test result. Broad spectrum products do not contain THC but they contain all other cannabinoids and there have been circumstances, far and few between, yet still existent in which the phytocannabinoid CBN has triggered a false positive. So if you deal with frequent testing, an isolate product is your safest bet. For everyone else, broad spectrum is a happy medium!

CBD has no scientific backing…

Au Contraire! Cannabinoid research is at an all time high these days and it couldn’t be more exciting. CBD has been federally legal in the USA since late 2018, so as you can imagine the world of science and research is really just getting started! There are already many many studies on the potential positive effects of CBD and other phytocannabinoids and stress, sleep, exercise recovery and so much more. If you do a bit of digging you’ll be amazed at the endless plethora of information there is regarding CBD and phytocannabinoids, much of which is sourced from scientific journals or researchers. Don’t let anyone fool you! CBD has much scientific backing and there’s only more to come as time goes on!

These are just some of the common myths and misconceptions about CBD, don’t be afraid to challenge what you hear and do your own research. Hopefully this was a great starting point and has eased a couple of your concerns, if there were any, and maybe even sparked a bit of curiosity in you! Keep an eye out for the latest research, there's always something new and exciting in this industry!

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