Over 75% of Americans Assume CBD Products are Controlled by FDA

In a recent study performed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, researchers found that over three-quarters of the American population falsely believe CBD products are already regulated by the FDA. Furthermore, around 92% of participants in the survey expressed confusion about the role the FDA currently plays in the regulation of CBD products. While these numbers may seem staggering, it's a common belief that has proved to be difficult among the CBD industry.

Because many businesses are taking advantage of this by providing sub-par products that may not actually contain any CBD at all, the lack of regulation by the FDA in the CBD industry has done more harm than good. Unregulated products may not provide the same effects that true CBD might. This leads many people to trying cheap options only to find they receive no support at all because there’s no CBD in the product. With this in mind, what role does the FDA currently have in CBD regulation?

While the FDA has had little to no role in the regulation of current CBD products on the market, aside from sending warnings about medical claims, the CBD industry is booming and many are finding great products that meet their unique needs. Currently, the FDA’s stance has forced CBD consumers to do their own research and choose a product based on the third-party lab results or the company’s reputation.

It’s likely that the FDA will begin to take an official stance in the upcoming months; however, the timeline may take longer than expected. Until clear-cut regulations are established, customers are the ones that are truly suffering. To provide full transparency, all of our product batches are third-party tested to ensure consistent quality and efficacy. We take every step necessary throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our customers can make an informed decision about the CBD products they are using.


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