Why is CBD Water Solubility Important?

The bioavailability of a CBD product can have a huge impact on how easily the body can absorb and effectively use this cannabinoid. The higher the bioavailability rating that is achieved, the more effective the body will be at transporting the compound throughout the body for either targeted or wholistic support. But how important is CBD water solubility and what can be done to improve the bioavailability of CBD products?

CBD Solubility Aids Absorption

If taken sublingually or mixed in a liquid, CBD water solubility can help the body absorb cannabinoids more efficiently. The human body is made up of over 60% of water naturally with 90% of cells and 85% of the blood containing this essential chemical substance. With this in mind, it's easy to understand how a product that isn't water-soluble may be more difficult for the body to process.

CBD Oil 

Unfortunately, CBD is not naturally water-soluble once extracted because it becomes an oil. This means that unless other steps and processing methods are taken, the CBD oil will separate from liquids that it is combined with. However, advancements in modern nanotechnology have made it possible for manufacturers and CBD suppliers to provide oil products that have a bioavailability rating between 90% and 100%.

Brio Nutrition's NANO

NANO, Brio Nutrition's flagship CBD Oil, undergoes a nano-emulsification process to make it naturally water dispersible. This allows it to not only maintain potency when mixed with liquids but still promotes easy absorption. With a natural vanilla flavor, NANO CBD Oil not only tastes great but it also utilizes the science of water solubility to be one of the most efficient and effective CBD tinctures available on the market.


Why Choose Brio Nutrition?

Brio Nutrition is a premium CBD product developer that strives to use the highest quality hemp derivatives and formulations to create our product line. By partnering with one of the best food manufacturing practice nutritional supplement facilities in the U.S., we are able to create the cleanest, highest quality CBD products. Browse our online store and find the right products for you!

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