Let's Talk About Healthy Hands

Wash Your Hands and Don’t Forget to Moisturize.


We love that you’re washing your hands and doing your part to stay healthy. You know all the songs to sing so you’re washing long enough and you don’t forget to scrub under your nails. However, washing your hands frequently without a proper moisturizer might actually be leaving you more vulnerable to illnesses.


But, How?


To start, our skin is made up of three main layers. The bottom layer is the Subcutaneous tissue (or fat), next comes the Dermis, and finally on top we have the Epidermis. The outermost layer of your skin, a.k.a. the Epidermis, protects your skin from fungi, bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms. The Epidermis is also a big part of protecting your skin from infections, UV radiations and helps your body from losing important nutrients and water.


Certain parts of our bodies, such as the soles of your feet or the palms of your hands, have a thicker layer of Epidermis because they’re more vulnerable to injuries. When you wash your hands you’re washing away harmful germs and bacteria, but, you’re also washing away important natural oils and bacteria’s that keep the Epidermis strong. Over-washing of the hands without a proper moisturizer can wear down this skin barrier, and leave you with dry, cracked and vulnerable hands.


When the natural balance of oils and good bacteria’s is disturbed in the Epidermis, it can lead to certain illnesses or annoying skin conditions. These include, but are not limited to:


Eczema – There are many different types of eczema which include symptoms like patches of dry, itchy, inflamed, and reddened skin. Eczema is caused by the immune systems reaction to something irritating your skin.


Erysipelas – Skin affected by this condition has a salmon color and harshly defined edges that stick up on top of the skins surface. While this infection begins in the Epidermis, it can also seep down into the layer of skin below, the Dermis.


Psoriasis – Skin affected by this condition will have a silvery, scaly looking area of plaque, formed by a pile of skin cells. This happens when your immune system The skin in the affected area can also become extremely itchy and painful.


Don’t Panic, Just Moisturize!


It’s easy to stay healthy and wash your hands as much as you need without experiencing an uncomfortable skin condition or leaving your hands more vulnerable than they were before. Our line of topical creams are enriched with Shea + Cacao butters that nourish and replenish even your driest skin while also delivering all of the potential benefits CBD has to offer.


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So, keep washing your hands, and remember to take care of your skin while taking care of your health!


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