Where is the CBD Industry Headed Once the FDA gets Involved?

Whether you are curious about CBD or you are already using CBD products in your daily life, there are a lot of unknowns currently as the FDA begins getting involved. As unregulated products continue to flood the market, potentially harming consumers, it's only a matter of time before the FDA begins to take a stand. But where exactly will the CBD industry be headed once the FDA gets involved?

CBD Manufacturers will need GMP Certification

In the dietary supplement industry, manufacturers are often required to obtain GMP certification from NSF in order to sell products through major retailers. This often is seen as a sign that a manufacturer is dedicated to providing the highest quality products possible while limiting the potential for contamination or product errors. While many CBD manufacturers have already obtained this level of certification, it could potentially lead current businesses to seek new manufacturing partners.

Third-Party Testing will be Mandatory

While Brio Nutrition provides 3rd party test results on each of our product batches, this isn't a common occurrence among other businesses in the CBD industry. This will ensure that CBD products don't have a THC level higher than .3%, unless in a state where legal, and that no harmful chemicals or substances have been added to the formula. While this is something businesses in the CBD industry should always strive for, some small businesses are capitalizing on the trend with low quality or dangerous products.

Supplement Facts Panels Must be Accurate

If you have tried different CBD products from a variety of different brands, there's a good chance that you have come across products that don't have a supplements facts panel. Unfortunately, this means that you don't know exactly what is inside of the product you are using or ingesting. Each product provided by Brio Nutrition comes with an accurate supplement facts panel to ensure complete transparency.

Why Choose Brio Nutrition?

Brio Nutrition is a premium CBD product developer that strives to use the highest quality hemp derivatives and formulations to create our product line. By partnering with one of the best food manufacturing practice nutritional supplement facilities in the U.S., we are able to create the cleanest, highest quality CBD products. Browse our online store and find the right products for you!

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