Who's Using CBD?

CBD users, or those interested in CBD, don’t have to look far to find hundreds of CBD providers to choose from. Interest in CBD products has changed and the majority of people now support the use of CBD products, and 61% want to see it on the shelves of local drugstores like other healthcare products.

At the beginning of this year a Gallup poll revealed one in seven American’s are now using CBD products. According to the same poll 36 percent of adults ages 18-49 say they personally use CBD products. But it’s more than just your college roommate or co-worker, it’s your younger brother, mom, cousin, even your grandpa who might also be benefiting from CBD. People of all ages, whether they’re 18 or 65, have a variety of reasons or ailments that lead them to CBD.

While the majority of CBD users say they use CBD for pain, many use CBD for anxiety, stress, insomnia/sleep, arthritis, mental health, digestive issues and more. Pet owners are also starting to find out what benefits their pet could get from a CBD product made especially for pets.

CBD products are being used by veterans with anxiety or PTSD as an alternative for opioids and other addictive drugs. The wave of CBD use Is made up of people like this who are looking for something natural to address their health concerns large and small.

As interest in benefits from CBD and demand for CBD products rises, the number of CBD providers popping up everywhere in an industry that’s not regulated by the FDA. Companies can easily take advantage of not having to disclose or regulate their processes, leading to major health risks for consumers.

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