Why is CBD Lab Testing Important?

There's a good chance that you like the safety and quality that comes with investing in products that have been thoroughly tested. Unfortunately, the current lack of regulation in the CBD industry has made it hard for honest companies to inform customers about the benefits of choosing a high-quality product over the "snake oil" on the market that contains harmful chemicals and additives. At Brio Nutrition, we strive to maintain consistent quality in our products by undergoing thorough manufacturing and CBD lab testing processes.

Independent CBD Lab Testing

CBD lab testing through an independent facility allows brands to provide documented evidence of the quality of a product to help consumers become more informed before making a purchasing decision. Not only can this accurately determine the amount of CBD or THC content inside of a completed batch but it also helps identify any possible contamination before the product hits the market. In fact, making third-party CBD lab testing mandatory is likely one of the first steps that the FDA will take once regulations start to become more strict.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Brio Nutrition submits all product batches for third-party CBD lab testing to ensure consistent quality and efficacy. To further improve transparency, we also include a QR code on each of our products that provides a certificate of analysis which includes the results of all tests that were performed. When you choose NANO by Brio Nutrition, you can rest easy knowing you are using the highest quality CBD products available, with the transparency needed to ensure you are making a smart purchasing decision.

Until FDA regulations make CBD lab testing required, the only true way for consumers to make a smart purchasing decision is by relying on the information provided by a brand to them. When purchasing CBD, always look for third-party testing results to ensure you are getting exactly what is on the label. In most cases, you will want to look for the CBD levels, THC levels, shelf life and any contaminants like heavy metal that may have been found in the formula.

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Why Choose Brio Nutrition?

Brio Nutrition is a premium CBD product developer that strives to use the highest quality hemp derivatives and formulations to create our product line. By partnering with one of the best food manufacturing practice nutritional supplement facilities in the U.S., we are able to create the cleanest, highest quality CBD products. Browse our online store and find the right products for you!

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