Understanding Nano Technology

Still not sure what Nano CBD is? Brio is here to Educate.

We use Nano technology to provide our customers with the highest quality CBD products possible.

But, what is Nano Technology? Is it safe? Understanding the benefits of nano technology in a CBD tincture is actually more simple than it sounds.

“Nano” is a unit of measurement used when measuring particle size. After you ingest anything it has a limited amount of time to be absorbed during its trip through the digestive system.

The size of a particle determines how easily it can be absorbed by your body as it naturally passes through, this is how the bioavailability of something you ingest is determined.

Smaller Particle Size = Higher Bioavailability

Without the use of Nano technology a CBD supplement can pass through the digestive system too quickly for the body to absorb, meaning money down the drain for you.

Imagine the difference between trying to sift powdered sugar and trying to sift a ball of PlayDoh. Given the same amount of time, far more powdered sugar would be sifted.

When it comes to the potential health benefits CBD has to offer, it’s understandably frustrating to buy products that your body is unable to process.

How are these nano sized particles created?

Before raw ingredients can become a CBD tincture, a gallon of milk or a stick of butter, they must undergo what’s called Emulsion. This is what happens when you mix two things together that don’t normally mix, like oil and water. With the use of powerful machines, the particles in both ingredients are forced to break up eventually allowing them to mix.

The use of an emulsifier found in nature makes our nano emulsified products completely safe to use. However, until the CBD industry can be properly regulated, verify the use of third party testing before buying any product claiming to be “Nano”.

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