Our Story

A Journey of Perseverance & Commitment

Brio Nutrition emerged from the personal health challenges faced by founders Mike and Shannon Shell. Disappointed by the inconsistent quality of health and CBD brands, they pursued a mission: to craft health products enhanced with CBD that were both dependable and transformative. Their commitment to excellence connected them with industry expert Jesse Windrix, CEO of JW Nutritional, who brought over 15 years of health supplement manufacturing experience. Together, they birthed Brio Nutrition, a company that seamlessly merges science with the promise of CBD.

Today, Brio employs advanced nano-technology and operates in a certified CGMP facility, ensuring the highest standard for every product. But our journey hasn't been without trials. The loss of Mike Shell in 2021 could have halted our mission. But Shannon and Jesse’s unyielding spirit and dedication ensured that Brio's light never

So, when you choose Brio, know that you’re not just selecting a product; you're becoming a part of a story steeped in passion, resilience, and a dream of healthier living. From our Brio family to yours, we invite you to experience health, healing, and the promise of a brighter, better tomorrow.

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