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What Are Our Client's Saying About Our CBD Products?

My knee aches everyday.  I took your NANO CBD 3 times the first day I got it. By the second day, I had no need for my brace.  There is a difference with Brio’s CBD oil.  It’s been two weeks and still not using my brace!  Thank you Brio.  

Julie D.

Like many people, I had trouble maintaining my intensity at work in the early afternoon.  I tried the Brio FOCUS shot and now find myself powering through my tasks all afternoon long.  I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my productivity.  I really love the refreshing lemon taste!

Brian R.

I started taking CBD about a year ago.  It helped me with arthritis. It was a big improvement but very inconsistent.  Because of the results that I received, I began to research CBD, THC, and Hemp.  I am subject to random drug tests and if I were to test positive for THC it would present a big problem for me.  During this research I ran across the brand “Brio Nutrition”.  They claimed that they use high quality ingredients and each batch is 3rd party tested. I tried the oral drops (NANO) and my arthritis pain was even better than the other brands that I had tried and consistent results over time.  My hands and fingers hadn’t been this free of pain and this limber for 15+ years.

   A few weeks ago I started studying for a test I needed to take for the federal government.  I was struggling to stay engaged.  When I went to order more NANO I noticed that Brio Nutrition had a product called “Focus” . I ordered some to try and WOW it is great stuff.  It helped me stay focused on the studies and ultimately I passed the test with a 94%.   I also get energy when I use it.  It is now my pre-workout shot.

 I will say that some of the other brands cost less (I paid more for some also) but I think the value is that this product works consistently.  You know what you are getting.  In my case consistent results and no THC.  I don’t review a lot of products, but this one I highly recommend!

Curt R.

I have the Brio creamer everyday in my morning coffee. I love the MCT oil in it. And I don’t have to put Stevia in my coffee because the creamer already has it. Thank you for using Stevia, not sugar, btw. The creamer also foams up when added which makes it feel like a latte; but, without the milk. It’s so good! I’ve noticed I feel calmer and ready to hit the ground running, all at the same time.

Lacey D.

Our dog Bear has been suffering from some type of uncontrollable allergy for the better part of the last year.  We have taken 6 trips to the vet, and he has tried every type of medicine / steroids including Prednisone.  Unfortunately, he was getting zero relief.  We were turned on to a new pet CBD product by Brio. Not sure if this is some type of miracle product, but it seems to have worked miracles for us.  For the first time in a year, Bear is NOT wearing a cone.  The CBD worked almost instantly and brought about a calmness over him that we had not seen in a long time. We could not be more happy with the results, and hopefully this product continues to provide relief for Bear until we can get to the bottom of the real issue.  Thanks Brio!”

Joey C.

I've been taking the NANO for a couple of weeks now and it's working really well. I feel like it definitely takes the edge off and helps me with my anxiety, the vanilla taste is good. It can be a little strong if you put the whole dropper under your tongue it has a bite to it when you swallow it, but I know it's working.
I will definitely be buying some more from you guys.

Tyler P.