-  What is CBD?

A chemical compound found in cannabis plants and tends to be most abundant in the hemp plant.


 What does CBD do?

The short answer is that CBD works with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help maintain internal balance despite external factors.


-  What is the endocannabinoid system (ECS)?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) was discovered in the late 80’s and early 90’s and there is still so much research to be done. The ECS is made up of endocannabinoids, CB1 and CB2 receptors and enzymes that are believed to impact various functions such as sleep, mood, appetite, memory, perception of pain and discomforts, and the list just goes on and on. Overall the endocannabinoid system, when cared for, helps to promote internal balance and homeostasis despite external factors.


 What should I look for when choosing a CBD oil?

Great question! There are several things we recommend. First, what kind of extract are they using? When you see a label that lists hemp seed oil, know that it contains zero CBD oil. It comes from the seeds of the plant rather than the stalk, stem and flowers. You want to see Cannabidiol, hemp oil extract or hemp extract on the label. Second, every reputable company will have a Certificate of Analysis on their website. That will show you exactly what a third party found when testing the product. Third, be aware of anyone claiming things like; cure, treats or heals. CBD companies are not medical companies, therefore they cannot give medical advice or make medical claims. Be cautious of companies that do. Another thing to research is how the company extracts their oil. The ideal methods are CO2 or ethanol. You wouldn’t want to ingest oils that use harmful extraction methods such as butane.


 Will I fail a drug test?

CBD on it’s own will not cause a failed drug test but if you are taking a full spectrum product (all cannabinoids including <0.3%THC) it is possible to test positive. If you are using a broad spectrum product it is very rare but possible to have a false positive drug test. This is due to the CBN content, typical drug tests struggle to differentiate between THC and CBN.


 Will I experience side effects?

A common question with a complicated answer. The majority of people will not experience any side effects, it is very rare but has not been studied long enough to give a direct yes or no. If you are concerned about a drug interaction always consult your physician prior to starting a CBD regime.


 How will CBD make me feel?

The beauty of CBD is it’s not what you feel, it’s what you don’t feel! CBD does not have intoxicating effects such as THC. Some will feel a noticeable sense of calm, many will feel a sense of relief from things such as joint/muscle discomfort, symptoms of stress and more.


 Will CBD get me high?

No. CBD is not an intoxicating compound.


Are CBD and marijuana the same thing?

No. CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. Marijuana is one of the plants in the cannabis family.


 What makes Brio different?

Brio Nutrition is dedicated to providing you with the most transparent, efficacious, science backed products that you can trust and believe in.


-  Can I use CBD while taking other prescriptions?

Always consult your doctor before adding anything to your regimen.


- Where is Brio from?

The hemp product we use is grown in the great state of Colorado. Right here in the U.S. of A. Our products are made in a Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) nutrition lab.


-  What does Brio mean?

The origin of the word brio comes from mid 18th century Italian. It means vigor or vivacity of style and performance.


Can my child take CBD?

You should always consult your medical professional before giving our products to children.


Are you sure CBD is safe for our pets?

Consult your qualified veterinarian before use. But, we are pretty sure we know their answer!


Do we use artificial sweeteners?

Never! We use Stevia which is a naturally derived zero calorie sweetener.


Is CBD legal in the states?

Yes, but there's a catch. Some states have legalized it. Some states have not and some states are TBD (see link below). Congress approved and the President signed the Hemp Bill in December of 2018. It is completely legal to buy CBD made from industrial hemp plants and farms.