Welcome to Brio!

We are a premium CBD product developer that strives to use the highest quality hemp derivatives and formulations to create a product line for a higher quality of life!

By now, you’ve probably heard of the many potential health benefits CBD has to offer. Every day, new and exciting research is being published, and we cannot wait to see where the industry goes and the lives that can be positively impacted. We have partnered with one of the best food and nutritional supplement manufacturing facilities in the U.S. to create the cleanest, highest quality products that promote overall wellness.

So what is CBD and how might it help you? Well, we encourage you to do your own research and not just take our word for it. What is for certain is that we are committed to providing products that improve overall wellness and promote a higher quality of life not only for active adults, but also for our seniors, first responders, mothers, and athletes. At Brio, we not only want you to live, but live well. Here is what we do know. 

Simply put, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a biological system that helps to keep our bodies in optimal balance or homeostasis. The ECS consists of a collection of receptors that run throughout our bodies and have a variety of functions. These receptors help regulate functions such as sleep, mood, pain, reproduction, and even digestion. Think of them as messengers that send your body signals to stay in homeostasis.  When something falls out of balance or becomes deficient, the body becomes vulnerable to a variety of conditions and/or illnesses. Though our body naturally produces cannabinoids, they too can be supplemented, just like vitamins. 

This is where cannabidiol, better known as CBD may come into play.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 85 different cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant. As it enters our body it is thought to  unblock the receptors we need to rebalance, possibly aiding in supporting muscle recovery, a deeper sleep, better digestion and mood control. 

Did you know that the endocannabinoid system is found in all vertebrate species? This is why CBD products may also greatly benefit our pets!

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