Veteran, First Responder, & Special Needs Program

Veteran, First Responder, & Special Needs Program


Here at Brio Nutrition, we love our veterans.


“It is our duty to serve those who serve us.” – Chris Kyle


That’s why we offer all of our veterans a generous discount on our variety of products.

At checkout, login to GOVX ID to verify your Military or First Responder eligibility  

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In addition to rewarding the men and women who’ve signed up to defend this great nation, we also want to provide assistance to adults and children with special needs. To find out if you qualify, please email us at and provide the necessary documentation.


Accepted Disability Documentation: Documentation of Disability form along with a State Issued ID.



* We do not offer discounts to additional family members and/or friends. The discount will apply to a maximum of two (2) products per calendar month. If approved, we will email you with instructions for the next steps. *