Should I use CBD Before or After Workouts?

Cannabidiol or CBD can offer many benefits for the body and the mind. One benefit many enjoy includes how it impacts a workout routine and recovery. CBD does not contain THC, so it has none of the psychoactive components that can make a person feel “high.” However, what CBD does offer is a variety of potential biochemical, psychological, and physiological benefits for those who exercise. This leads to the question many have asked about when CBD products should be taken in relation to working out. Should it be used before exercise or after your workout? The short answer is both.

Assessing Personal Workout Challenges

Have you been able to learn what it is that keeps you from achieving your best during a workout? Usually, there are several things that can keep you from reaching your full potential at the gym. Sometimes, these issues discourage you from going to the gym in the first place. Challenges can be different for each individual, but in general, they can be classified into these two types of fitness obstacles.

Fitness Obstacles Set 1

  • Do you feel like you have little to no energy before working out?
  • Do you skip warming up because it feels like it takes too long?
  • Do you feel too sore before reaching your goal?
  • Do you suffer from pre-event or pre-workout jitters?

Fitness Obstacles Set 2

  • Do you experience discomfort, muscle soreness, or muscle burning after working out?
  • Do you have a long muscle recovery time that keeps you from returning to the gym soon after your last workout?
  • Does your physical discomfort negatively affect your energy levels and sleep?

Generally speaking, if the first set of questions describe your issues, you may benefit from taking CBD oil before you work out. If the second set describes your issues, you may want to consider taking  CBD capsules, gummies, or using a topical for muscle soreness after you work out. For many people, both sets of issues are true. If you have both pre- and post-workout struggles, you are not alone! CBD can be used before working out, and after working out to help support muscle recovery.


Taking CBD Before You Work Out

You need both the right mindset and a good physical energy level to get in a serious workout. Taking CBD before working out can give you the edge you need. A CBD supplement before working out can help address many of the  first set of obstacles and may be able to help with issues like:

  • Low Energy. You may try to drink a cup of coffee before working out to boost your energy levels. However, you have probably also experienced a post-caffeine crash or suffered from dehydration. Both of these can pose health risks. CBD supplements can provide holistic support for your body which can increase your energy throughout the day.
  • Warming Up. Stretching and warming up are helpful before a workout. Tension can cause sore muscles and inhibit a good workout. CBD may help reduce muscle tension and encourage good blood flow. These two work together to reduce the time you need to warm up before you get started working out.
  • Workout Soreness. Have you ever been just a few minutes into a workout when your body began to protest? It’s important to pay attention to these types of signals. Athletes, even casual ones, can benefit from CBD, which may delay the onset of these aches and pains. CBD helps the body remain in a state of homeostasis. It helps your internal systems communicate well, which may keep it from reacting so strongly to starting to workout. This allows you to get in more reps or minutes during a workout.
  • Reducing Pre-Workout Jitters. Sometimes, worrying about trying to achieve a personal best during a training session causes jitters. CBD can help manage stress, so that your nerves are soothed and stress doesn’t prevent you from achieving your workout goals.

Using CBD Before Workouts

Are you eager to reap these potential benefits? Maybe you are eager to get started using CBD before your workouts. If so, here are a couple of tips.

  1. One or two hours before a workout, drink a healthy smoothie and take CBD oil. This can help provide you with the fuel you need for working out. Taking CBD oil before your workout can help you experience the effects during the workout.
  2. Take CBD oil sublingually. Placing it under the tongue is the fastest way to feel the effects. You can also take a gummy or capsule. If you prefer a CBD capsule, take it one hour before you plan to work out. CBD gummies should be taken one to two hours before beginning your workout.

lady applying CBD topicals after working out

Taking CBD After Exercising

Sometimes, it’s not about finishing a workout; instead, it’s about going too hard. Part of personal growth involves safely testing your limits. But when you experience excessive discomfort, stiffness, or burning can hinder your progress. If you are too tired or sore, it’s harder to get back to the gym or meet your goals. Pushing through physical discomfort can present serious issues or negative results. For most people, hydration, proper nutrition, and rest aid in a smooth and quick recovery. But CBD may also be able to help accelerate your timeline to relief. CBD may help with issues such as:

  • Post-Exercise Inflammation. Inflammation after working out can play a significant role in soreness and burning. Working out causes tiny tears in the muscles. The body considers these tears to be injuries and sparks an immune response to speed up repair. Your mind interprets this as discomfort. CBD can help reduce inflammation which can help the body heal properly with less discomfort.
  • A sore or exhausted muscle causes surrounding muscles to become stiff or sore. This response is an attempt to protect the weakened muscle. Overall stiffness can impede mobility or lead to injury. Taking CBD can encourage the whole body to relax so it can recover properly.
  • Discomfort Response. CBD helps the body return to baseline, or homeostasis more quickly. Specifically, CBD helps your endocannabinoid system function better. This allows the body to recognize and use other resources and helps it calm down. CBD provides holistic support that can help reduce feelings of distress and discomfort.

Using CBD After Workouts

If you need a great post-workout ally, CBD may be your new best friend. Many people experience an onset of post-workout inflammation between 12 and 36 hours after their workout. Taking CBD after a workout can help keep you ahead of the struggles by addressing inflammation and keeping it from reaching its peak. A couple of ways to use CBD after a workout include these ideas.

  1. CBD Topicals. After a good workout, CBD topicals can provide soothing relief by giving your muscles a little well-deserved TLC.
  2. CBD Oils. CBD oil is usually consumed sublingually. When taken at the first sign of post-workout pain or soreness, it can be helpful for managing discomfort.

Need Help Finding the Right CBD Products?

If you are unsure which product will work best for enhancing your workouts, contact us at Brio Nutrition. We’ll be happy to help you find the CBD products that will offer you the most benefit before working out and help you with post-workout recovery.

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