Tips for Talking About CBD Use With Friends and Family

 Over the past few years, CBD products have continued to grow in popularity. In 2019, Consumer Reports found that over 60 million people in the US had tried CBD products. By 2021, cannabidiol products had generated over $5.3 billion, and it’s projected to reach nearly $16 billion in the US by 2026.

The most common use of CBD products is to control pain. Other top uses of cannabidiol products include managing stress and anxiety and helping to improve sleep or fight insomnia. Even with increased use and more awareness of the many benefits CBD can provide, there remains some skepticism and a lack of education. It can still be difficult to talk to family members and friends about CBD use, since there are plenty of misconceptions and misunderstandings about its use. Here are a few tips to help you discuss CBD with your friends and family members.

Do Your Research Beforehand

While you cannot possibly anticipate some of the questions your friends or family members may ask, you can gain a good understanding of the most commonly asked questions. You want to go into the conversation prepared and educated about CBD. Doing a little bit of research will help you be prepared. Most people will want to know why you decided that CBD was a good addition to your daily routine, including those who care about you. Share your experience and the most noticeable improvements you’ve noticed since taking cannabidiol products. When they see how your life has improved since you started using CBD, they will be more understanding and open to discussions about its use. You will also likely be asked about side effects and if CBD makes you high. Being prepared will help you answer these questions confidently and correctly, which can help your friends and loved ones understand more about the product and its benefits.

Listen to Your Friend or Loved One’s Doubts

Keeping an open mind when discussing CBD is important. Being too pushy or unwilling to listen can close off the conversation. Listen to the other person’s concerns, doubts, and thoughts politely. By taking the time to listen to their concerns, you buy the time needed to respectfully share your point of view. As much as possible, use facts and data to back up your personal claims about using CBD. This can be very convincing. However, make sure that emotions don’t get in the way, as this can jeopardize the open conversation.

Reassure Them that CBD is Not Addictive and Cannot Make You High

There are many myths circulating about CBD and its use. It’s essential that your friends and family understand CBD can’t get you “high.” It literally doesn’t have the chemical ability to affect your state of mind in that way. Explaining that CBD doesn’t contain the THC component found in the cannabis plant. Once they understand that it isn’t addictive or psychoactive when used in its purest form, they can better understand the overall health benefits.

Point Out the Health Benefits of CBD

CBD offers a wide range of wonderful health benefits. It’s loaded with beneficial antioxidants and affects different receptors in the brain and nervous system. This allows it to improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance brain function, relieve pain and muscle spasms, and improve sleep.

Other great health benefits include strengthening immunity, improving gut healthy, and reducing inflammation. CBD also stimulates the growth of new skin and brain cells, which can help promote skin health and improve neurodegenerative disorders.

Make sure to do your homework, as CBD offers many more health benefits.

Prepare for a “Yes”

It can be easy to anticipate a negative response, which is why many people avoid conversations about CBD use. You may be surprised by positive responses from your friends or family members. Be prepared to help them find the CBD product that can help them with their own pressing health issues. Educate yourself on the different ways to use CBD, including capsules, lotions, gummies, and CBD oils. It is extremely useful to be able to recommend a few CBD products they may find beneficial.


Brio Nutrition is Here to Help!

If you, your friends, or your family members are not sure where to start, let Brio Nutrition help! We can point you to the product that can provide the health solution or outcome you or your loved ones desire. Additionally, we can help you determine which type of CBD product is best to help you achieve specific goals. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions! We are here to help you out!

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